Welcome to HiKi Food

Here are some top tips for an easy and enjoyable shopping experience

1. Creating Your Account

  • When registering, please make sure you have entered the right email address.
  • If you haven‘t received our confirmation email, please check your junk or spam folder first. Click on the Activate link to enter your shipping address.
  • After registration, go to “My Account” to start your shopping.

2. Product Search

  • Hiki Food is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. On our platform you can find literally hundreds of products offered by us and other sellers.
  • Select the number of items and add to your shopping cart. After confirming the order in the shopping cart, click to checkout.
  • If you have any questions about the product, get in touch with our customer service.

3. Placing Your Order

  • If you haven’t filled in your shipping address yet, you can do this when you place your order.
  • Before paying, make sure you double check your order. Did you choose the right product and amount?

4. At the Check out

  • We support multiple payment methods. It is only possible to cancel the order if we haven’t prepared it yet.

5. Evaluating your Order

  • After the transaction is successful, click “My Account” – “My Order” to evaluate your order.